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Tanggula was founded in 2012 and has been committed to the development of Android TV box for many years, and has been providing OEM and ODM customization services to customers for many years. In recent years, it has launched its own brand Tanggula. Due to years of technical accumulation, Tanggula TV Box has been highly recognized by the market immediately after its launch. tanggulabox.com is the online store for Tanggula series boxes.

Tanggula has been developing the world’s most functional IPTV Box technology. Has launched the best android TV box Tanggula X1 in 2021 and the best IPTV box Tanggula X5 in 2022.Tanggula insists on using the most expensive hardware and IPTV server, the most common price to serve every loyal client.

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TanggulaBox online store team is located in the beautiful Shenzhen. It is a professional service team covering technical support, pre-sale support, and after-sale support. I believe our professional services will definitely satisfy you. We provide Lifetime business and technical support for all users. Welcome to contact with us any time with [email protected] or chat.

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