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How to choose the best android tv box 2022

There are many ways to stream content on your TV, and if you buy the best Android TV box 2022, you can experience as fast, seamless and enjoyable as possible. Buying the best Android TV box 2022 gives you instant access to all your favorite video and music apps and some games without having to buy a whole new TV, turning your TV into a powerful smart TV in no time. Then For us, how should we buy the best Android TV box in 2022?

The Best Android TV Box Features in 2022

Android 11 OS

The latest operating system currently applied to the Android TV box is Android 11.The Android 11 TV system has improved system performance and privacy protection, and its performance is greater than the previous Android TV stable version Android 9.0.Therefore, the operating system of Android 11 is the most important point for choosing an Android TV box.

best android tv box 2022

8K Video Streaming Support

At present, high-end Android TV boxes already support 8K video decoding. Although there are not many 8K videos at present, they will become more and more popular in the future, so 8K decoding support is also necessary.

enough storage space

In order to ensure high-quality video decoding and smooth gaming experience, you need enough memory to maximize the performance of Android 11.Our recommended minimum memory is 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

Supports multiple decoding at the same time

I believe you must have such a situation. When you watch a wonderful sports game, you want to see multiple games at the same time, which is what we call picture-in-picture.According to our actual test, the best multi-channel decoding support is Amlogic’s S905X4. If you need to watch multi-channel videos at the same time, it is recommended that you choose the Android TV box of S905x4 Soc.

muti view

Dual-Band WiFi Support

It is very, very important that an excellent Android TV box needs to support both 2.4G and 5G WIFI.

2.4G signal frequency is low, the attenuation is small when it propagates in the air or obstacles, and the propagation distance is longer.However, the 2.4G signal bandwidth is relatively narrow, and most home appliances and wireless devices use the 2.4G frequency band. The wireless environment is more crowded and the interference is greater.

The 5G signal bandwidth is wider, the wireless environment is relatively clean, the interference is less, the network speed is stable, and 5G can support higher wireless rates.However, the 5G signal frequency is higher, and the attenuation is larger when it propagates in the air or obstacles, and the coverage distance is generally smaller than that of the 2.4G signal.

You can choose 2.4G or 5G according to your own situation

Voice Control Support

Android TV boxes in 2022 must support voice control. When using this feature, you convert different buttons into one voice command. With voice control, you don’t have to look for volume buttons, menu buttons, system settings, and more. Everything is done with your voice.

Besides being royalty-free and open source friendly, AV1 needs to actually offer advantages over already established technologies. Aomedia (the guardian of the AV1 codec) claims that it offers 30% better compression than H.265. This means it uses less data while delivering the same quality as 4K Ultra HD video.

Low power consumption, high performance

Low power consumption, high performance is also one of the features of the best Android tv box in 2022, and it is very important.With the continuous upgrading of Android TV boxes, the configuration of Soc is also getting higher and higher. If the power consumption cannot be controlled, overheating will occur, and some Android boxes will even be equipped with a fan to dissipate heat, which is very inconvenient. It even hangs or restarts under certain high loads.

After our actual test, we found that Amlogic’s Soc has the lowest power consumption under the same performance, and basically there is no problem of heat dissipation.

Comes with premium IPTV service

When we buy an Android set-top box, it is best to have a fully loaded IPTV service. This kind of IPTV and Android set-top box are fully bound, and have been tested in detail, and there is no compatibility problem. Anyway, you buy a pure Android TV box yourself, and then buy an IPTV subscription, it may be purely a decoding problem.

The Tanggula x5 is the best fully loaded Android TV box of 2022 we’ve tested. He has more than 12,000 sets of Live TV channels, including more than 7,000 channels in the United States.Buy now use coupon “SAVE15” to get 15% off, this is a limited supply.

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