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How to use tanggula box voice control?

Tanggula box  offers a voice control function. You can browse your content, change settings and do other tasks just by your voice command. You have to connect the remote of your Tanggula x5 to the box via 2.4G. Then you can easily enjoy this function. To voice command your TV box, long-press the voice button and give your preferred instructions. Here is the detailed steps.

Use our recommended 2.4G voice control remote


Buy the Tanggula x5 now and you’ll get a 2.4 voice-controlled remote for free, only available in limited quantities.

1. Insert the USB receiver of the 2.4G voice remote control into the Tanggula x5

After plugging in, the system will automatically discover and activate the 2.4G voice control remote.

2.Press and hold the voice button of the 2.4G remote control when voice control is required

For example, if you need to search for news on TangTV, please say news to the voice remote control, and all lists containing news will appear.

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