tanggula box troubleshooting

Tanggula box Troubleshooting

Tanggula box troubleshooting

How to solve the freezing and buffering during playback?

If this happens in a specific channel, please let us the channel name and we try to check from the server side.

1.First rule out the network problem, check your network, try restarting the router, if the WIFI is connected, try to switch the WIFI Band, such as 2.4G to 5G, or change the WIFI channel.If it still exists, please check whether the connection using the network cable is normal. If it still exists, please go to the next step.

2.Try cutting power to the set-top box, then restarting it.

3. Factory reset Tanggula box

4.If still , Please contact with US.

Why sometimes when I start Tangtv, I am prompted to enter an account and password?

This kind of problem can basically be concluded that the network is not connected, try to set the network

If you have any other questions, you can leave a message here, or send an email to our technical support [email protected]

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  1. Tim

    Can’t get to connect to my tv. Bought your newest device tanggula x5

  2. James Treece

    My Tanggula box shows it is receiving power but will not turn on.

  3. Gary

    My x5 box does not come on. The box is showing a small blue and red light. Any suggestions???

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