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Tanggula X5 Setup

Tanggula X5 has received strong attention from TV fans since its launch.Tanggula X5 has received strong attention from TV fans since its launch. The traditional android TV box only provides an operating terminal. Users can install their favorite Apk on the Android TV box, while the Android TV box does not provide content services. Users who want to enjoy program content must submit monthly subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+ etc. to pay for the content.

The launch of Tanggula X5 allows users to enjoy more than 10,000 sets of live tv channels and more than 40,000 sets of movies and TV series as they wish. There are no monthly fees, no subscription fees.

How Tanggula X5 works

How Tanggula X5 works

Tanggula X5 is a fully loaded android tv box. When customers receive the machine, all they have to do is connect the TV to Tanggula X5 through HDMI, then connect to the network, open our Tanggula IPTV Player, and enjoy The ultimate home entertainment experience.Let us introduce how to use it with pictures.

1.Connect TV SET WITH Tanggula X5

1, put AAA battery in the remote

2, connect tv box with TV by HDMI

3, connect tv box to power, and turn on the TV

4, now, you can see the home page from TV

tanggula x5 iptv player

2.connect Network Router With Tanggula X5

You can directly connect to the router through RJ45 or connect to the wireless network through WIFI.The connection method of RJ45 is the same as that of a computer, so we do not need to explain it. Let’s talk about how to set up Tanggula’s WIFI.

1.After Tanggula X5 starts up, go to the home page and click the settings icon.

2.You can see the operation options of WIFI settings, click in, select the WIFI name of your home, enter the password, and it will prompt the network connection is successful.

tanggula x5 wifi 2

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