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What is IPTV?

What is IPTV?

IPTV is interactive network television, which is a technology that uses broadband network to integrate Internet, multimedia, communication and other technologies to provide a variety of interactive services including digital TV to home users.

With the advancement of science and technology, the once black and white TV has gradually become a color TV, and then it has become an LCD TV, from an antenna to an Internet TV, and now there is iptv. Many people may not know what iptv means, then The following editor will talk about the meaning of iptv.

IPTV is interactive network television, which is a brand-new technology that utilizes broadband cable TV network and integrates various technologies such as Internet, multimedia, and communication to provide home users with a variety of interactive services, including digital TV. Its system structure mainly includes subsystems such as streaming media service, program editing, storage, authentication and billing, etc. The main content stored and transmitted is streaming media files with the MPEG-2/4 standard as the encoding core, based on IP network transmission, usually requires Set up content distribution service nodes, configure streaming media services and storage devices, and the user terminal can be an IPTV box.

IPTV vs Tradtional Cable TV

IPTV is not only different from traditional analog cable TV, but also different from classic digital TV, because both traditional analog TV and classic digital TV have the characteristics of frequency division, timing, and one-way broadcasting. Although the classic digital TV has many technological innovations compared to the analog TV, it is only a change in the form of the signal, and does not touch on the way of dissemination of the media content.

The main features of IPTV

(1) are carried on the IP network, which can provide users with high-quality digital media information services;
(2) achieve substantial interaction between media providers and media consumers, and users can interactively order their favorite content;
(3) IPTV can provide real-time and non-real-time services, IP technology and personalized on-demand services, so that users can obtain real-time and non-real-time media programs provided by broadband IP networks on demand;
(4) Users can choose broadband IP at will Video programs provided by various websites on the Internet.


IPTV System Components

IPTV system consists of three parts: front end, network transmission and terminal equipment. The IPTV system is characterized by strong real-time performance, which is more suitable for interactive on-demand and broadcast. The transmission, distribution, return and management of information are completed by the system management part. The specific functions of each part are described as follows: 

1. Front-end equipment

IPTV front-end should have and complete two functions of program collection, storage and service. Program acquisition includes program reception, program compression coding or transform coding and formatting, encryption and digital rights management (DRM) packaging, and program generation. The program storage and service completes the large-scale storage or broadcast service of the programs generated after the program acquisition program is processed. The broadcast service here not only broadcasts encrypted video and audio streaming media programs from the video server in IP unicast or multicast mode, but also authenticates users or user terminal equipment, and sends data from the DRM authorization/key server. The DRM authorization/key is transmitted to the authenticated user or user terminal equipment, so that the user can decrypt and play the received encrypted video and audio streaming media program. 

2. Network transmission

IPTV network system is completed by IP backbone network, IP metropolitan area network , cable TV head-end or telecom center station and corresponding broadband access network. The basic task of the backbone network and the metropolitan area network is to route, switch and transmit the video and audio streaming media program streams sent by IP unicast or multicast. The head-end of the cable TV or the central station of the telecommunication will, according to the corresponding broadband access network, pass the IP video and audio streaming media program stream in the way of IP over DOCSIS or IP over DSL, through the CMTS identification placed in the head-end of the cable TV or the digital data of the telecommunication central station. Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) equipment, sent out to the user. 

3. Terminal reception

IPTV user equipment is used to receive, store, play and forward IP video and audio streaming media programs. Terminal equipment includes STB, PC, player and so on. The hardware of the basic IPTV user terminal equipment does not have a built-in modem, but only has an Ethernet interface, which is connected to the outside. Integrated IPTV user terminal equipment built-in a variety of modems , can be directly connected to the broadband network. Electronic program guide (EPG), user management, media asset management, charging and related software of various application services are also necessary components of the IPTV system. 

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