Tanggula X5 128G

Why Tanggula X5 128GB Is the Best IPTV Box 2022?

Tanggula X5 128GB is the latest IPTV box launched by Tanggula in 2022. The hardware uses the current best set-top box chip Amlogic S905X4, and the memory uses the largest storage space on the market, 4GB+128GB. The hardware cost of Android TV Box has more than doubled that of similar products in the current market.Since the launch of Tanggula X5, it has won great praise from customers for its excellent experience, and the sales volume has maintained a rapid growth of more than 80% on average.

Compared with similar Android IPTV Boxes in the market, the main advantages of Tanggula X5 are summarized as follows.


Best Hardware For Android TV Box

Tanggula’s product goal is to produce an IPTV Box that can work properly for 10 years, so when choosing a hardware configuration, always pick the current best one.This can be found from our most core CPU and memory.

tanggula X5 gpu

Best IPTV Severs Cluster

We use the servers of Datapacket, one of the best server providers in the world.Tanggula has deployed CDN distribution servers in Datapacket server rooms in many countries around the world to ensure real-time and smooth network streaming.

Excellent decoding performance

With Amlogic S905X4’s ultra-high CPU operating frequency and the latest generation of GPU, the decoding performance of S905X4 is better than any previous set-top box chip.Video/Picture Decoding/AV1 [email protected] [email protected],VP9 Profile-2 up to [email protected] fps,H.265 HEVC [email protected] up to [email protected] fps.

The pain itself is love, the main storage system. As the earth grows, nor bears a lot of pain, the lion’s impact on the couch.At the same time, with the large memory of Tanggula X5 4+128GB, the decoding function can be maximized, thereby preventing the freezing of IPTV video playback from the hardware.

Tanggula X5 128G

Equipped with excellent WIFI module

The same is the WIFI module, and the performance of different module manufacturers is very different. One indicator that determines the performance of the WIFI module is the download throughput. After testing, the link speed of Tanggula X5 128GB has reached  433Mbps.It can fully meet the performance of 8-channel video decoding at the same time.In this way, the IPTV freezing caused by IPTV playback can be avoided from the transmission speed.

tanggula x5 wifi

Every IPTV Box with LifeTime IPTV Service

Buy any IPTV Box and get a lifetime premium IPTV subscription for free. There are no additional charges, one purchase, lifetime free.

  • 10000+ Live TV of USA –Canada –UK –Latino  no monthly subscription fees!

  • 40000+ VOD & Series

  • Lots of US Local City Channels.

  • Premium PPV Events (ESPN, UFC, WWA, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL Games, Soccer…)

  • All Your Favorite News: BBS CNN Bloomberg CNBC SKAI NHK Euro News ABC  FOX NBC news,  VOA etc. 

  • Kids, Music, Movie, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News, Adult, TV shows etc channels

  • VOD movies Update frequently

  • Parental Control (adult channels movies).

  • Out of the box, very easy to use, only connect the WIFI, then enjoy!

  • There are also adult channels and parental controls to ensure kids don’t stumble upon these.

Powerful IPTV Player

Tanggula X5 is equipped with a powerful IPTV player. It can perfectly support advanced functions such as watching and recording, and simultaneous playback of multi-channel programs.Add multi-screen functionality to our IPTV Android app. This enables our customers to watch multiple screens simultaneously. Basically, it divides the screen into four parts. This enables customers to watch four different content at the same time.

tanggula X5 multiscreen

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